As we provide outstanding legal services, we understand talented attorneys, significant legal accomplishments and an unparalleled association with our clients have sustained our longevity.

We belive our success is due to our "client-first" philosophy and "solution-driven" approach - core understandings that shape our identity and goals. We have demonstrated an ability to understand the demands of our clients' business environments and our competitive legal markets, and to initiate change to assure superior client service and trusted performance.

Through these materials, we present to you the talents and traditions of our firm. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. I hope you get a sense of our strengths, our culture and the high importance we place on the people for whom we work ... our clients.

While our firm has a great history, we are firmly focused on the future. Because we strive to stay a step ahead of evolving client needs we emphasize expansion of the firm's core practice areas and industry capabilities while growing in priority markets throughout the country. We are increasingly demanding alternative and more efficient ways to streamline their legal work without sacrificing excellence and quality.

I am particularly pround of our long tradition of service work. For us this means more than donating time and financial support - we actively strive to make things right for people who otherwise would have no help. Every memeber of our firm is as proactive and innovative as the times demand and our clients require. In today's challenging world, we are committed to helping our clients identify successful solutions, minimize risk and maximize opportunities.

Abdul Rahman Abdulla Al Mudharreb

Chairman & President

We are a law firm working in Dubai representing individual and business clients in general corporate ligtigation, including construction and real estate matters throughout United Arab Emirates, with a focus on Dubai. We pride ourselves on proiding the depth and breadth of services offered by a large firm, coupled with the tailored representation, personal service and responsiveness.

Our attorneys have a standard of sophisticated legal service and a range of complex litigation at both the trial and appellate levels. We offer a level of personal involvement that has attracted a diverse clientele ranging from established busineses and real estate companies to entrepreneurs and individuals throughout the UAE. We provide clients with an early case assessment, analyzing strenghts and weaknesses, to estimate a likely timetable and a projection of costs and exposure.

Whether you are an employer or employee seeking representation before court, the victim of a personal injury due to a motor vehicle accident or product liablity matter, or a business engaged in a contract or real estate dispute, we are committed to providing high-caliber, cost-effective legal services to help you achieve your objectives.

Our office has quickly established a local and international reputation. We provide a complete multidisciplinary legal serivice to multinational and national coporates, financial institutions, investment banks and private clients, and have extensive experience of advising on numerous UAE and Arab transactions, assignments and cases.

Our office is staffed by many laywers, most of whom are acknowledged as leaders in their fields. Our lawyers bring a wealth of practical experience and impressive legal and business backgrounds to all matters on which they advise. In addition to specific issues and multidisciplinary advice, our clients also benefit from an interactive appraoch with a host of client support to add value to their business.

Abdulla Abdul Rahman Al Mudharreb

Deputy Chairman & Vice President

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