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Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Mudharreb is a prominent authority in the UAE laws. He holds the honour of being the first lawyer in Ministry of Justice and High Federal Court of United Arab Emirates. He is since considered to be the mentor and inspiration for thousands of lawyers. He is a widely respected figure and well-known in the UAE and neighbouring GCC countries. His tireless work is well recognized for striving towards providing the finest legal services.

Is to provide the best possible legal advice and services to our clients in an efficient and practical manner, whilst preserving the elements of a personalised traditional legal advisor-client relationship. We aspire to have a transparent relationship with our clients and be professional, approachable and responsive to their requirements. We strive to provide a practical and result-driven strategy to address our clients needs.

Al Mudharreb Advocates & Legal Consultants was founded by Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Mudharreb in Dubai in 1980. During a period of 30 years we have established ourselves as one of the most reputed and trusted legal firm, representing clients within UAE and its neighbouring GCC countries. We are distinguished not only by the type and quality of our legal advisory services, but also by unmatched profound experience dispensed through the President and a team of fifteen lawyers. We proudly embrace the fact that; we have represented more than 10,000 cases to-date.


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